SPR/powerplast - bonding chemicals

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SPR/powerplast - bonding chemicals
SPR/powerplast - bonding chemicals
SPR/powerplast - bonding chemicals
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SPR/powerplast - bonding chemicals
SPR/powerplast - bonding chemicals



Dry bonding chemicals give high adhesion values between rubber and reinforcement initially after vulcanization, as well as retain bond strength after heat, humidity and steam ageing.

Dry bonding chemicals are added to the rubber compound during mixing. They are always used with a curative listed in the Amino Curing Resins section of the product list. These products react in the rubber compound during vulcanization to form strong chemical bonds between rubber and reinforcement fabric, yarn or cord.

Specific products are available for maximum bond strength for specific combinations of rubber (natural or synthetic) and reinforcement (dipped or undipped cotton, rayon, nylon, polyester, aramid, brass coated steel wire, etc.)

Dry bonding chemicals find extensive use in tires, belts, hoses, rubberized fabrics, cots and aprons, rubber rolls etc.

Please contact our technical department for selection of the best dry bonding agent for your application.

SPR Grade Product Name
POWERPLAST PP-1812 Amino Phenolic resin for Chlorinated rubber products.
POWERPLAST PP-1820 p-Aryl Alkyl Novolak. Used as a secondary bonding agent.
POWERPLAST PP-1830 Resorcinol-Silica derivative. Active content 50±2 %
POWERPLAST PP-1850 Resorcinol-Stearic Acid derivative (2:1)
POWERPLAST PP-1845 Blocked Isocyanate bonding agent. Provides excellent bond strength with undipped Nylon and Polyester cord, yarn or fabric.
POWERPLAST PP-1895 Cobalt complex compound loaded on inert carrier to facilitate handling. Available in different Cobalt compound loadings.

Resorcinol Formaldehyde Resin. Free Resorcinol : 18% max.


Modified Resorcinol Formaldehyde Resin. Free Resorcinol : 10% max.

Resorcinol Formaldehyde Resin. Free Resorcinol : 11% max.

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